Electronic music then and now

One of the first elctronic band in the history of music

Electronic music nowdays


Mindblowing movies

1.Unbelievable belgium film about a disabled punk band who only want to play one show!..excess to the max!

2.From the nightmarish imagination of Gyorgy Palfi comes a surrealistic and cinematic assault on the senses following three generations of men who are all damned from birth

Brilliant ads 3

Campaign for HBO Television Network in New York taxis to promote The Sopranos. It has to be disconcerting to find an arm hanging from a trunk.



This giant napkin dispenser containing napkins made from the original material you find in McDonalds napkins. It is a marketing effort by the famous hamburger chain to promote the Big ‘N’ Juicy burger.


Brilliant ads 1

Argentine agency Grey came up with this brilliant idea for Playboy magazine.


Alchemy Partnership worked on this creative project for Think Centre in Singapore. Clear message that gets your attention.


This ad has some years now. Created by DDB in Toronto, Canada.